Move the ‘X’ to the box that most applies to your character.

] Lawful Good

Acts with compassion and a sense of duty. The type to uphold a sworn oath and will protect innocents at most costs.

[ x] Neutral Good

Acts with in a positive manner, although will not value tradition or rules to act as such.

[  ] Chaotic Good

Acts with a rebellious, free-spirited nature but still quite positively. They do the right thing, but are often disorganized and/or not aligned with the rest of society.

[ ] Lawful Neutral

Acts with a strong belief in concepts like honor, rules, and code. Typically places a strong faith in order- they obey or give orders.

[ ] True Neutral

They don’t align strongly with good or evil, nor do they with chaotic or lawful. They usually are undecided between the 4 sections or just gravitate right in the middle.

[  ] Chaotic Neutral 

Acts with strong individualist nature and they have a very ‘screw the rules!’ attitude. The individual will follow their heart and promote freedom, but theirs comes first.

[ ] Lawful Evil 

Acts with honor, but don’t care in the slightest for the freedoms and rights of others. Very concerned with self-benefit at times, and will twist rules and codes to favor them.

[ ] Neutral Evil 

Acts extremely selfishly with no problems concerning betraying others at a moment’s notice. They typically make allies just to further themselves.

[ ] Chaotic Evil

Acts with no respect for anything except their own desires and selfish goals. They place high value on freedom for the self, but do not care for others’ freedoms. Often associated with chaos and destruction.

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Black panther redesign
By dorets

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Do me a favor?

Reblog this if you either interact with OCs, or you at least give them a role-playing chance instead of just turning them away completely.

((Darlings, one of my bestest friends in this group is an OC. She is a wonderful roleplayer. I’ll never turn away your OCs.))

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"Hello, young lady. Welcome to Wakanda. You seem to be lost?…"

image"Y-you are right sir." She spoke bit suprised as she came out of shadows where she hoped ,her natural abillities and shade would make her invisible to eyes of others."E-ehm have you seen maybe a group of mutants like blue one with pointy tail,one girl that tall and has white hair that looks like silky cloud,and one guy who looks like human honey badger with point metal claws on his  knuckles?"

T’Challa couldn’t restrain the smile that crossed his face. “I’ve seen them plenty of times,” he answered, brown eyes studying the stranger’s face. “And the girl’s hair is very silky, I can confirm that.” He was definitely going to be swatted on the head for that one later. Praying that Ororo didn’t suddenly gain super-hearing, he reached out to shake the girl’s hand. “I am T’Challa, and those people you have described are my friends.”

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"Hello, T’Challa. It’s been such a long time. I am sorry to have startled you with my visit if I have and I’d understand why."


"And yes, I suppose I have among other things. Would you be so kind in letting me know if she really is here?"

"Don’t apologize. I should be treating you like any other person. My role of Blank Panther also includes rule over Necropolis, the city of our deceased ancestors. To quote The Sixth Sense: I see dead people.

"…Nevermind that. Ororo is home, in the room with our little one, Mawusi. I’ll take you to her, but is she aware that you’re.. here?”

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"Long time no see, Natasha. Hope you brought sunscreen."

"What is it you need?"

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"Sorry, Ancestors, but I am not doing this. Not today."

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"Hello, young lady. Welcome to Wakanda. You seem to be lost?…"

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[[ Happy birthday! :) ]]

((Thank you!!))

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