Ororo/T’Challa moments (1/?)

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Possibly the most hipster discussion ever printed by Marvel.

We did it before it was cool.

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Black Panther in New Avengers #21 (Part 1) spoilers

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He had expected that response, but nervously shifted his weight nonetheless. “It’s not that, I just want to know what… she might do, I suppose.”

T’Challa looked back at his innocent daughter, who looked up at her parents with a goofy little smile. His heartstrings tugged painfully, knowing all too well how lucky she was to be born here, in Wakanda. A land filled with more mutants than people think. “How about this: I set up a playroom for her with meters to monitor how the electricity flows within her.”

"Perhaps… we could call up Janet to make a cute electro-suit for her," he added with a small grin.

Ororo reached out for the little girl, pulling Mawusi to her protectively as she considered the suggestion. She trusted her husband with all her heart, but he wasn’t a mutant. And for all his sympathy and encouragement, she hated how that would impact her decision. 

"I- I do not know, T’Challa. She’s not even a year- how we could justify running tests on her out of curiosity- why Kurt was only a baby when tests started and they did not end well. Or Laura- poor girl.. Can we, let us just think of it for a while, unless its proving to be dangerous we can take our time in a decision can we not?"

Perhaps her hormones were still at an odd place, because this was the man who had first taught her to use her own powers. He would do nothing harmful- nothing like Sinister or Weapon X or Hydra, but her people were still plagued by people like them, it would not feel right if she allowed them to run tests on her daughter.

He flinched unintentionally, feeling a bit insulted that she was protecting their own daughter from him. He was simply trying to help. However, he swiftly tossed that thought away, remembering how sensitive the circumstance was. Sometimes- no, oftentimes- good intentions went awry. It frustrated him, though, because he felt he had to do something.

"I-… You know I wouldn’t harm her, Ororo, I-.." His heart sank when he looked at his beloved and the tiny girl that stooped behind her. Both of their eyes bored into him, like electricity that slithered through every vein in his body. If there was any being in the universe that could make him doubt himself, it was her. He wasn’t sure what he was more upset about: the thought that Mawusi might hurt herself or that he would so readily suggest testing their daughter, like the cold person many thought him to be.

"…I understand," he murmured, his voice tinged with defeat. T’Challa stepped forward, brushing his fingers over the soft hair of his little one. I’m sorry, my baby. I’m so sorry.

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"Hello... Ororo. Er, have you been well?" ~chiefofstealth






Ororo stared at the question for a good 10 minutes and sighed shrugging, at least he was being civil and not cursing her like some of the… Other T’Challa’s? It was weird to think about it so she didn’t. “About the same as usual I suppose? How are you and.. Other me? My goddess it’s strange…”

He frowned. “I…I’m sorry. Even if we-.. er, you and ‘other me’ are broken up, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk like friends.” T’Challa sighed, smiling at her in return. “I’m glad you think so. Would you care to take a walk with me?” He hoped he wasn’t overstepping his boundaries.

She shrugged and sighed, “We did not exactly leave on good terms, he seems to have not forgiven me for something I had no control over.” She nodded and walked with him.

"I see.." T’Challa looked at her, racking through his memories to see if it mirrored something that happened in his universe. Perhaps it was when she had her claustrophobia incident? "Part of me would like to know, but we can talk about something else if you wish," he offered, steering them away from the more crowded areas. Unfortunately, most of the citizens weren’t as attuned with alternate realities as he was.

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Appetizers: the panther, the panthers, the beast.

New Avengers #18, on sale Wed, May 14th.

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Clint Barton. Ronin. Former Hawkeye. Ex criminal. Ex SHIELD agent. Now rejoined Avengers and part of whatever is left of SHIELD. I might have swapped the bow for a sword, but don’t let that fool you: I am still one of the best.

  • Roleplay blog for Clint Barton as Ronin
  • Post Cap 2, also compliant with 616, EMH, and Ultimates
  • Mun and Muse are over 18
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Who needs a GPS when you have weather goddess Storm?

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"Lost?" T’Challa whispered. It was difficult to hold back the sting of his tears as he imagined Kendall being without any love from her parents. From anyone. Oh, this poor child. How can such a wonderful young lady be treated so     

He tensed from the contact at first, more from shock than discomfort. It wasn’t for a few moments that he realized what a relief it was, to be hugged by his stepdaughter. His family. Someone who needed the comfort of a parent.

That was his cue to finally embrace her back, taking her into his great arms with the intent of never letting her go. “Of course, dear Kendall,” he murmured, shifting slightly so he could look her in the eye. “I know you will make the perfect older sister. Come, let us visit her.”


"Oh, Goddess, I’m sorry," she smiled. "That wasn’t ladylike of me, was it?" She took a deep calming breath. "Thank you, T’Challa. This means more to me than you can imagine." Her eyes shone with hope, the exact replica of her mother’s. It had been a while since she felt the embrace of a parent, much less a male parental figure. 

"May I see her?" Kendall asked, a feeling of care and protection towards her new little sister-the same type of feeling that she felt when Evan was born, and again when she met Rory. "I wonder if she’ll remind me of my baby brother at home," she questioned, softly. "Hopefully I won’t miss her growing up, as I did with Evan and Rory."

He only shook his head, waving his hand in dismissal. “Hardly unladylike, dear one. You are a person with feelings, as am I. Shocking, I know.” The king smiled back at her. If Mawusi became anything like Kendall when she grew up, he would surely be proud. 

"Of course you can. She would be delighted to see you," he replied, motioning for her to come with, albeit quietly. T’Challa lowered his own voice to a murmur. "You will do your best, Kendall. As you have with your own family."

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She sticks her tongue out at him before taking another bite. “Froot loops are far superior to  Frosted flakes, though I think I have some at the back of the cabinet if you want them.” 


T’Challa just smiled, shaking his head. “No, no, keep the precious cereal for yourself. You’ll eat it and change your mind. But, ah… wait..what are you watching?” He found himself distracted by the cartoon, and unconsciously sitting on the floor to watch it.

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